Derek drives the 1930 Le Mans winner Old Number One at the Zoute Grand Prix

3rd October 2014

Derek will drive a unique Bentley,‘Old Number One’, the winner of the 1930 Le Mans 24 hours race, in the Zoute Rally, part of the Zoute Grand Prix in Knokke-Heiswhich, Belgium, which runs from the 9th - 12th October 2014. Built in 1929, the Bentley has an interesting history. Following a long legal wrangle concerning the authenticity of the original Old Number One, the British High Court confirmed in 1990 that the car Derek will be driving is indeed the real Old Number One.

In 1989, the then owner, Edward Hubbard, wanted to use the car, with an estimated value of £10 million, as takeover collateral to acquire another British marque, Scimitar. The owners of Scimitar threw doubt on the authenticity of the car and so its value. After a lengthy legal case, the British High Court decided that it really was the authentic Old Number One. A wise decision, in view of the many expert witnesses, the detection work undertaken and the abundance of evidence. The decision simultaneously secured this piece Bentley heritage for the future. And you will be able to enjoy it as a spectator, during the forthcoming Zoute Rally.

The programme for the Zoute Grand Prix

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