Jack Brabham: 1926 - 2014

19th May 2014

Derek, Misti, Justin and Sebastian Bell are all very sad to hear about the passing of Sir Jack, he exemplified that era of pioneers in motorsport, by creating his own cars with which to drive to victory in races and himself become Formula 1 World Champion three times, a unique achievement.

Above all he created cars in Formula 2 and 3 which allowed numerous young drivers to drive safe fast cars and make names for themselves, myself included. They might not have always been the quickest, but overall the cars never let you down and if not always winning they would always be there at the end!

So many of us benefited from his teams genius.

His dry humour and appreciation of the sport was very special, when he spoke one listened!

He has left us with an amazing array of family talent that we all respect and wish well for the future.

Our thoughts are with all the family.

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